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There are many resources available for further information on dispute resolution and avoidance. Following are links to selected sites we find useful. TMS does not take responsibility for the content of these sites.

Studies Concerning Use of Mediation and Arbitration

“The Appropriate Resolution of Corporate Disputes: A Report on the Growing Use of ADR by US Corporations,” D. Lipsky and R. Seeber, Cornell/PERC Institute on Conflict Resolution, Cornell University, 1998. .

“Dispute-Wise Business Management: Improving Economic and Non-Economic Outcomes in Managing Business Conflicts,” American Arbitration Association, 2004. .


“Resolution Through Mediation: Solving a Complex International Business Problem,” a mediation involving intellectual property and distribution rights, International Trademark Association, in conjunction with CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution, 2003. Accompanying study guide. Available online at , or for purchase at .

“Mediation In Action: Resolving a Complex Business Dispute,” CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution, 1994. Accompanying study guide. .

Articles and Other Publications

American Arbitration Association. .

American Bar Association, Section on Dispute Resolution. .

Association for Conflict Resolution. .

CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution. .

International Trademark Association, ADR Committee and International Panel of Neutrals. . Articles on a variety of mediation topics. .

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